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Микросхема ATI 216ECP5ALA11FG

Микросхема ATI 216ECP5ALA11FG

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Микросхема ATI 216ECP5ALA11FG

Производитель: Китай, Гарантийный срок 3 мес.



Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG), is the industry`s first PCI Express chipset for notebooks with AMD Sempron™, AMD Athlon™ 64, AMD Athlon™ 64 FX processors, AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile Technology. Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG) delivers mobile-optimized performance and advanced functionality for today`s graphics-intensive business and communications applications, the latest 3D games, and high-quality digital entertainment.

Best-in-class PCI Express performance
Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG) is built on a .13-micron process with 350MHz graphics core speed, and 128-bit system memory interface ensuring best-in-class graphics performance with mobile applications. The built-in graphics deliver double the bandwidth of AGP 8X. Without the shared-bus limitations of PCI, Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG) better controls bandwidth usage and data priority while multitasking real-time applications and video playback for an enhanced cinematic experience. Enhanced plug-and-play support frees on-the-go mobile users to hot-plug the latest external devices with greater reliability, making Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG)-based notebooks the dependable mobile platform for productivity and multimedia entertainment.

Built-in DirectX™ 9.0 and OpenGL™ graphics for gaming
The Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG) offers an integrated ATI Radeon graphics core, that is a derivative of Radeon X300 PCI Express technology designed for DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL compatible games. It offers high-performance graphics, unleashing the competitive power you need for playing the latest game titles on your notebook.

Multimedia and digital content creation
Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG) offers full support for Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 2005, making your notebook PC a complete Multimedia Center for home or on the road computing. It is the ideal processor for media-intensive tasks, digital content creation, viewing, and editing. Crisp images and smooth DVD playback are assisted by integrated video processing and motion compensation acceleration, and LCD Enhancement Engine technologies for improving video display.

Universal connectivity at home or on the road
Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG) fulfills the promise of universal PC connectivity, with full compatibility for a vast multitude of peripheral devices. It offers the highest performance Gigabit LAN networking, and full USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 support for connecting digital cameras, CD drives, DVD burners, scanners, printers, MP3 players, and more. Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG) offers visual productivity and features unavailable from any other chipset technology, making it easy to configure and scale your system performance to meet your individual needs.

Built for the Future with Longer Battery Life
You can create and deliver a multimedia presentation with rich visuals, browse the web, or view a full-length DVD movie without searching for a power outlet. PowerPlay™ 5.0 technology continually monitors the workload on your notebook, and automatically adjusts settings to optimize battery life. Furthermore, Vari-Bright™ technology optimizes notebook panel brightness to save power. The Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG) delivers the best of both worlds - great performance and longer battery life.

    Xpress 200M(216ECP5ALA11FG) is compatible with AMD`s 64-bit processor that bridges the transition from today`s 32-bit computing to tomorrow`s 64-bit computing, making it the ideal platform for today`s demanding business and media application on your notebook.

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